Viva Paper Towels Reviews

It looks like cloth. It cleans like cloth. So is it cloth? No. It’s still a paper towel. But unlike any you’ve tried before. Its soft and smooth texture is perfect on delicate surfaces, yet strong enough for your toughest messes.


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I always buy the choose a sheet Viva towels. Some messes are little, so one sheet does the job. Some are bigger. In the car, these are great for spills, washing inside of windows. I like to use as an eyeglass cleaner towel. They are sturdy and don’t disintegrate with fluids. They are also much more absorbant than other brands of towels.

You won’t look at paper towels the same.

My family love Viva paper towels and we don’t use or buy anything else! They clean up all varieties of messes. What an absolute brilliant product.

My friend sent me to get her some paper towels I came back with Viva she couldn’t quit raving about my choice of paper towels she is hooked

They pick up any mess you have in just one wipe you can you can rent it out and use again if need be but they are by far the best paper towels I have ever used!

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In this video, Becky from A Place To Nest reviews Viva® Strong & Soft paper towels and tries to dust with Viva® paper towels for the first time. She said that normally she would be worried about dusting her nice furniture with a paper towel because she would be afraid that it would scratch the surface, but its soft texture makes it perfect for gentle surfaces, grabbing dust and grime instead of just wiping it off.

No matter how messy the area you want to clean, Viva® Towels can do the job. It’s cloth-like durability makes it really easy to clean up tougher messes and to use in ways that you’ve never been able to use paper towels before like dusting furniture. It’s soft and gentle for furniture, yet still durable for cleaning spills and other messes.

Best towels ever!

Viva Paper Towels are my absolute favorite. So soft yet strong. I have no problem tearing them in half as stated by others. I find them for a great price at my local drug store and with coupons it’s very afforable.

I have been using only these for several years. They are soft, absorbent & feel like cloth. Unfortunately the Shop Rite that I go to no longer carries the big packages of them, but I do go to a different store fore them. I love getting coupons for them. The more the merrier!